Advert courtesy of veteran South African drummer and old friend I haven’t seen for years Brian Abrahams who posted it on FaceBook

Advert courtesy of veteran South African drummer and old friend I haven’t seen for years Brian Abrahams who posted it on FaceBook

What is this simple little website all about? Not touting for business. No magnified selfie.

The fact is that, during 50 or more years in the music business, I have gone to the trouble of recording many gigs. For years, I used to lug a ghetto blaster around (as if the drum kit was not enough) to capture the proceedings “for posterior” (as I used to put it) on cassette provided the others agreed (which they did 99% of the time).

Now I want to gradually upload “inheritance tracks” to allow this rare music which only I and a handful of colleagues have hitherto heard TO BE LISTENED TO BY A WIDER AUDIENCE, ANYBODY WHO MIGHT ENJOY IT. There’ll be details and explanatory blurb to accompany. I’m aiming to put up different tracks every week. Hope it’ll work!

Does “Jazz is my religion” sound strange coming from a priest?

Maybe - but it’s true. Jazz has fed my soul throughout my life. I can’t begin to describe the joy and fulfilment it has brought me.

But what I can tell you is the story of how it happened.

It started in school with Louis Armstrong and Glenn Miller. At 13, I discovered the weird thrill of Be-Bop via a little Dizzy Gillespie E.P.

I started playing drums in a school band modelled (very badly) on an Ellington small group. The leader tried and failed to sound like Johnny Hodges…….

At university I got by academically but dreamed most of the time of being a jazz musician. I got to play with big names guesting from London like Joe Harriott, Jimmy Witherspoon, Tony Coe and - who knew where this would lead? - Bobby Wellins.

When I graduated, my dream came true. I was invited at the age of 22 (thanks to bassist Ron Matthewson) to join the top quartet in the country, that of Tubby Hayes. Working with Tubby meant that his rhythm section was chosen to tour in 1969 with Roland Kirk and in 1970 with Stan Getz. Working with Tubby also led me to join Ronnie Scott’s sextet and Humphrey Lyttleton’s band. Stints at Ronnie’s club in the early 70s gave me the chance to accompany the likes of Johnny Griffin, James Moody, Zoot Sims, Sonny Stitt, Art Farmer, Cedar Walton and Blossom Dearie.

When Tubby died, Ronnie disbanded and I got the sack from Humph, I found myself doing commercial pop sessions to earn a living. So I decided to go for a less boring day job and qualified as a solicitor. 

But jazz wouldn’t go away. In 1977, I started playing regularly with my soulmate Bobby Wellins and continued to do so right up to his death in 2016. To borrow Dizzy’s phrase about Bird, Bobby was the other half of my heart-beat. During the 1980s, I was also a member of the Peter King Quintet.

In the early 1990s, I answered an unexpected and challenging call to the priesthood much to the baffled amusement of my friends.

Ah but once again, jazz wouldn’t go away and, since the millennium, I have worked and recorded with Alan Barnes, Simon Spillett and Art Themen among others. I also assemble a piano trio for occasional concerts. For this I have been lucky enough to obtain the services of Liam Noble, Gwilym Simcock, Barry Green and Mark Edwards along the way.

I’m now in my 74th year but hope to keep active behind the drums for some time to come...

• As an afterthought, and bearing in mind that I have spent a lot of my time since 1996 in the pulpit as a priest as well as behind the drum kit as a musician, I have added a section to the website where, if anybody ever wanted to, they could read the text of sermons I have preached and am preaching...  An optional extra which atheist jazz aficionados can steer clear of!

Cover Page Photo: David Forman

A selection from Spikes discography:



TUBBY HAYES quartet Live at the Hopbine Gearbox lp GB 1532


TUBBY HAYES big band Rumpus  cd Savage Solweig SS003-CD

TUBBY HAYES England’s late jazz great IAJRC CD-1019 (on 2 tracks)

TUBBY HAYES The orchestra  Fontana lp 6309002

TUBBY HAYES  200% proof cd Master Mix CHECD 00105

HARRY SOUTH The Songbook cd R&B 040 (On 2 tracks)

TUBBY HAYES  Live 1969Harlequin lp HQ3006;cd hqcd05(+ 3 tracks)

BLOSSOM DEARIE That’s just the way I want to be Fontana lp 6309015


TUBBY HAYES Rare live recordings1954-73 cd ACTR9042(on 1 track 1970)

NDR HAMBURG JAZZ WORKSHOP (Bob Cornford 6tet)NDR lp 0654 094


IAN HAMER sextet  Acropolis  cd Jasmine JASCD 641


TUBBY HAYES quartet Invitation cd Acrobat ACMCD 4391

DARYL RUNSWICK The jazz years PFCD 167/168 (on 7 tracks)


VOSSA JAZZ cd VJ 96 002-2 (On 1 track with Dexter Gordon)


BOBBY WELLINS quartet live – Jubilation Vortex lp VS1


BOBBY WELLINS quartet Dreams are free  Vortex lp VS2


DARYL RUNSWICK quartet Playdreaming  cd ASC CD 172


BOBBY WELLINS Birds of Brazil  cds Sungai BW11/Hep Jazz CD 2097

PETER KING New beginnings Spotlite lp SPJ 520


PETER KING East 34thStreet  Spotlite lp SPJ 524;cd Spotlite CD 424

BOBBY WELLINS  Erco makes light work lp TAA4851;cd Hep Jazz 2070


SPIKE ROBINSON  London reprise  lp Capri 44360



PETER KING quintet 90% of 1% live in Oxford Spotlite lp SPJ 5291987

BJARNE NEREM More than you know lp Gemini GMLP56; cd GMCD56


MARIA VIANA Just friends cd Timeless JC11017 (on 5 tracks)


MIKE PYNE trio Live at Ronnie Scott’s cds TOCJ 66023/SPJ 561




JOHN HORLER Gentle piece cd Spotlite SPJ-CD 542


JOE ROBINSON quartet Without a song cd Vivid VRCD 101-1


BOBBY WELLINS quartet Fun  cd Jazzizit JITCD 04342005

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STAN ROBINSON quartet Ourselves cd Turret Records


THE THREE TENORS at the Appleby Jazz Festival cd TRIO TR579

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SPIKE WELLS trio with Gwilym Simcock Reverence cd Audio-B ABCD 5021


SIMON SPILLETT Sienna Red cd Woodville WVCD 120


GREG ABATE/ALAN BARNES Birds of a feather cd Woodville WWCD 123


BOBBY WELLINS quartet Snapshot cd Trio TR580

GARY KAVANAGH/BOBBY WELLINS quintet Joy Spring cd Trio TR582


MARK EDWARDS Swing gospel jazz orchestra cd ICC 12790

JOHN HORLER quartet Not a cloud in the sky cd Diving Duck DDR 011


T.SEABROOK’S MILESTONES A different kind of blue cd TSMCBCDS 2011